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Real Estate Law

Reservitz McCluskey, P.C.


We handle your residential and commercial property's legal needs

Reservitz McCluskey, P.C., was organized in 2013 to handle all of your real estate needs. Attorneys Andrew Reservitz and John E. McCluskey will handle the representation that you need to manage your property well with their comprehensive residential and commercial real estate law services in Brockton, MA. Real estate law determines the rights and obligations of an owner toward tenants, potential buyers and the community. Whether you are buying or selling a home or commercial property, foreclosing, or protecting your estate, we can help. As an established law firm, we have extensive knowledge of the greater Brockton area including Quincy and Boston. With our comprehensive representation, you can be confident that everything associated with your property will be handled smoothly and hassle-free.
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Protect your property investment by knowing your rights and obligations as a home owner. Get help drafting a deed, navigating title issues and making sure all of your paper work is in place to buy or sell your property. Our expert real estate representation ensures you a smooth, dispute-free transition.


We represent local lenders in all their business real-estate transactions. Let us help you navigate the local, state, and federal laws that impact your commercial real estate property. We can help you acquire a property or deal with tenant issues, disclosure and zoning laws as well as making sure your contract agreement covers all your business needs.

Our real estate law services

  • Property sales
  • Modifications
  • Trusts
  • Purchasing
  • Zoning questions
  • Estate planning
Our attorneys and paralegals offer comprehensive real-estate legal advice serving you with up-to-date information for all your real estate transactions.
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